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COVID-19 Policies at the museum

Please, wear a mask indoors if you are unvaccinated. Children under 12 can't be vaccinated for COVID, so please wear one around them.

Outdoors, not required but encouraged when near others outside of your own group.

Hand sanitizer is provided. Please limit touching objects. Docents clean frequently-touched surfaces daily. Most indoor spaces are well-ventilated, with open doors and windows.

The museum hosts lots of people, from lots of places - thank you for keeping our volunteers and those still unvaccinated in their households stay healthy.

Self-Screen for Office Visitors & volunteers

If you volunteer, work or are stopping in at the museum office, please complete this form online here or on the paper sheet in the office. Temperature checks, masks and social distancing are required, even if you're vaccinated.

Carl Miller was a dedicated Shafer Museum volunteer.