Shafer Historical Museum

The museum is opening!

The buildings will remain closed, but you can "Take a Peek Inside" through the window and special signage. The grounds & outdoor displays are open.

Please follow outdoor covid-19 precautions.

The path between Riverside & Castle Avenues is open.

Please phone 509-380-9911 if you'd like to request a tour, subject to docent availability & covid-19 precautions.

Shafer Historical Museum is staffed by volunteers, most of whom are in high-risk groups for COVID complications. Masks and appropriate social distancing will be required during a tour to protect our docents and volunteers. Thank you for your consideration and your patience!

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What are your favorite places?

The Shafer Museum is one of Ralph Munro's! The former Washington Secretary of State visited the museum and shares what he likes the best in this video. You can't visit right now, but you can still get a peek inside here.

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2020 marks the 100th anniversary of (most) women gaining the right to vote in national elections in the United States. What was life like for Methow Valley women then? What was it like to vote for the first time? Who still couldn't vote?

Learn more and join us to celebrate this significant year at the Shafer Historical Museum!

COVID Self-Screen for visitors & volunteers

If you volunteer, work or are stopping in at the museum office, please complete this form online here or on the paper sheet in the office. Temperature checks, masks and social distancing are required.

Thank you for your consideration and care for our staff, volunteers, neighbors and friends.