AbbyCreek Inn


This land was homesteaded by Napoleon Stone who was one of the first settlers, arriving in 1889.

1895 Glo Map

T34 R21 S11 While Napoleon owned this whole section and the land where AbbyCreek Inn is today his home was on the other side of the river between Winthrop and Beaver Creek. More homes were build there as the main road into Winthrop was then on that side of the river.

1910 Baines Map

Napoleon Stone still owned this land. His home was next to Heckendorn where the sewer plant was much later located.  That home was later owned by Frank Bean.  

1934 Metsker Map

CH Burton owned the land in 1934

1959 Metsker Map

Keith Johnson owned the land in 1959.  He was the son of Carl Johnson and Abbie Williams Johnson.  They and their families were also early settlers.

Current Map

AbbyCreek Inn owned by Josh and Kristin Buehler since 2014

Napoleon Stone's Ledger

August 22,1895 court hearing. State of Washington vs. John Ford, Justice of Peace N. Stone. Complaint brought by G. W. Barnhart of neighbor Ford trespassing on Barnhart's property, sewing wheat and taking down the Barnhart fence.

Commandore Napoleon Stone,  1836-1910, Texas Ranger, freight hauler for government in Texas, Engineer for Flour Mill, and homesteaded in the Methow Valley in 1889. He lived in the Methow Valley from 1889 to 1906. Mr. Stone was elected in 1890 as Justice of the Peace for the Methow Valley.  

 The Shafer Museum owns and has done preservation work on his ledger.

Johnson Family 1943.  Carl, Abbie, Keith, Nadine and Vernon.  Keith owned the AbbyCreek property in 1959.  This family is related to the Johnsons who own Big Twin Lake Resort.

Earliest hotel

Harry Greene who came to Winthrop with his stepfather, town founder, Guy Waring, had one of the first homes in town (far left in photo).  This was eventually referred to as The Temple of Music.  The two story building to the right of the cabin is his boarding house/hotel.  Photo from 1896.

the winthrop hotel

Jim Dodd built the first real hotel in 1911. This building is now Carlos 1800.  Photo from 1920.

Visitors to AbbyCreek Inn come for many reasons, but many to enjoy the various outdoor activities available such as fishing, hunting, skiing, biking, horseback riding, and hockey (ice skating).   Below are historic photos of folks enjoying these same activities back in early days.

Man fishing in the pool. Possibly Falls Creek.

Four gentlemen posing with big four-point buck someone bagged.

Ferd Haase cross country skiing

Fishing in the Methow River

Boesel Family

School kids ice skating near the Winthrop bridge. Methow Trading Company and Duck Brand Saloon in background. Winter 1910-11

Current owners:    Josh and Kristin Buehler since 2014